MSM’s Coverage of Kamala Harris Limited Mostly to Timberland Boots and Tupac

The media continues to insult black voters with empty questions they ask Kamala Harris, who may soon become the second most powerful person in the United States. Instead of asking her tough questions, like how she intends to improve healthcare for marginalized people or how she plans to help black families encourage their children to follow their dreams, afford to open businesses or reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns they continue to ask superficial questions.

Black voters must take a step back and decide how their lives would be improved if the Biden/Harris ticket wins the election. As Tim Black points out in his video, too many media outlets are tweeting about Harris loving Tupac songs and wearing Timberland boots. Make the madness stop.

What’s on Kamala Harris’s playlist or feet won’t put food on your table.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Kamala Harris Timberland boot adoration or the fact that you will find 2pac songs on her playlist to be amazing, it will not improve the quality of your life. That’s why start-up-news outfits like MSM should not be where you get your news, or you will continue to be forced to eat Ramen Noodles and Mass Incarceration all your life because it is all that you can afford. After all, a dead rap artist will not come back to life and help you create a better way of life for you and your family.

Instead, you must exercise your brain when you get ready to head to the voting booth. Turn away from sensationalized news and start asking hard questions about which candidate has the stamina and determination to create conditions where you and your family can thrive.

I Blame The Media

Make no mistake about it, reporters in 2020 are determined to become celebrities. Therefore, instead of reporting hard-hitting stories designed to help you make an informed decision in the voting booth, they are merely retelling the information that they heard at their latest cocktail party.

Reporters are determined to become household names that have millions of followers in the 24-hour news cycle. Instead of asking tough questions designed to give you the facts and let you make up your mind, they are intellectually lazy.

It is far easier to repeat the stories that you have heard other newscasters report than it is to dig for the facts behind those stories. Soon, many reporters who may not even realize it are seeing the world through rose-colored glasses instead of reporting facts because they want to go hang out with the in-crowd who have time to discuss Kamala Harris Timberlands.

In all fairness to Kamala Harris, she may be a wonderful person, but you cannot be sure if she has the experience to lead the country if something were to happen to Joe Biden. Many fear that if Kamala Harris is elected as vice president, then she may have to assume the most powerful office in the world at some point within the next four years. Do you know what she believes on the issues that are most important to you if you listen to sensationalized news coverage?

The hard-hitting truth is that Kamala Harris 2pac obsession will not put food on your table or a roof over your head, especially if you happen to be black, Latino or Hispanic, so do not fall for the patronization this nomination gave you.

Instead, dig for the truth on your own. The truth is out there, but you must turn away from traditional news sources to find it. Ensure that you have taken the blinders off yourself before you share their posts on your social media accounts because these stories are designed to make the newscaster an even bigger star, and that will not help your family.

The current sensation of making newscasters into celebrities can be stopped, but it will only happen if you do your part. Stop and demand that reporters return to doing their jobs of chasing the hard-to-find facts that will make a difference in your personal life.

Reality Check

There are plenty of beautiful women in the world, so you do not necessarily need one to be your government leader, regardless of how good she looks, how fashionable, eclectic her Tupac music collection, how she looks in a pair of tight-fitting jeans of if her Timberlands or flawless won’t matter if American can rebound from COVID-19, end Police Brutality that’s ripping this country apart, or end the out of control Military Spending and reinvest at home. Make Mike Pence and Kamala Harris prove they have the determination and brains to be great leaders. Your future is depending on it.

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